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Our first entries in our coloring contest!
Each coloring page represents a different show in our Season of Science at the La Jolla Playhouse In-Residency.
1) Red Planet Respite
2) San Diego, I Love You 3.0 
3) Wild California
Who will win tickets?!
#10korbustccdd #Theatre #SanDiego #coloringcontest @lajollaplayhouse #RedPlanetRespite #SDILY3 #WildCaliforniaCCdd (at Jakes On 6th)

We had such a wonderful time this year in University Heights! As we close another successful production, we want to take a moment and thank each and every one of the locations that were donated to us for this year’s production.
Bourbon St, Red House Pizza & Boutique, Diversionary Theatre, De Mi Cafe Cafe, & Kathy Hope.
Congratulations to our cast for such a fun run!
#SDiLY2 (at Bourbon Street Bar & Grill)

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