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We had such a wonderful time this year in University Heights! As we close another successful production, we want to take a moment and thank each and every one of the locations that were donated to us for this year’s production.
Bourbon St, Red House Pizza & Boutique, Diversionary Theatre, De Mi Cafe Cafe, & Kathy Hope.
Congratulations to our cast for such a fun run!
#SDiLY2 (at Bourbon Street Bar & Grill)

We were about to toast and spilled 5 drinks on the floor. All that was left was a wet floor & John holding a cherry.
Come join us at Bourbon St. & cheers with us! We’ll try not to make a mess. #SanDiegoILoveYou #SDiLY2 Opening day is tomorrow! (at Bourbon Street Bar & Grill)

San Diego, I Love You 2.0 is officially only ONE week away! Do you have Valentine’s Day gift yet? How about show tickets for your special someone? Select time slots are already at capacity, so be sure to purchase your tickets in advance!
Visit to purchase!
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